5 Finance related podcasts that I am loving…

5 Finance related podcasts that I am loving…

Living through a pandemic and now a recession, money and our finances in general are some of the heavy topics we are being forced to discuss and really look into. Am I prepared for the pandemic and its effects over the next couple months? How can I stay on top of my job? How can I get a job that will help me provide etc.? are some of the questions that have become even more prevalent in this time. Sometimes knowing where to even start is the biggest headache so wanted to share some resources, platforms and podcasts that I have found to be useful in providing timely and essential information needed to get one’s finances in check. Tackling the mindset is the first step and below are 5 finance related podcasts that I have been listening to, to help me do just that.

  1. Clever Girl Finance (CGF) by Bola Sokunbi: CGF is a digital platform built to empower women to achieve real financial success through courses, books and the podcast. Bola, founder of the platform went through her own personal journey of money mistakes earlier in her career, as such, created the platform to share what worked and didn’t work. She is best known as the young lady who saved $100K in 3 years. On her podcasts, she interviews women who had similar journeys to her when it comes to debt, savings, investments to share how they are working through their various circumstances to become financially free. The episodes are fun, and the stories really highlight that we all have our own demons when it comes to finances, some of which could come from upbringing, opportunities we got or didn’t, but through it all, we can make the most of these situations when we put our minds to it. During this tumultuous times, I love that Bola has made all her courses on her platform free, allowing more people to get the knowledge needed to make better choices. You can find her on all socials on same handle, Clever Girl Finance.
  2. Money Girl quick and dirty tips: Like her slogan, Money Girl run by Laura Adams, seeks to provide quick and easy finance tips to help her audience understand complex personal finance topics in 10 minutes and under. She discusses every finance topic you will ever think about and does a great job adapting her advice with the times seeing as Money Girl has been in existence since 2008 and it’s still one of the most downloaded podcasts on iTunes.  What I like is that her advice is actionable and you have a clear path of what next to do. Given Laura is in the US, some topics around retirements, insurance etc. may not necessarily apply if you live outside the US but still give you insights on what you should be looking into. You can listen to the podcast from her website and most places you listen to your podcasts.
  3. His & Her Money Show: This is for the married couples or anyone in a relationship and are keen to work through your finances together. Talaat and Tai McNeely, the creators of this podcast, are radio hosts, authors who’s hope is that the podcast helps power couples build with purpose. Having worked their way through debt after marriage, they use this platform to discuss how to speak about your finances with your partner, raise your credit score, tackle debt together, build and invest together etc. They also have guest couple speakers occasionally to discuss how they tackled debt, and built businesses in a financial astute way. I am not yet married but I learn a lot around what to look out for, financial questions to ask when dating etc. and I am sure my fellow singles will definitely benefit from the McNeely’s and their guests.
  4. The Dave Ramsey Show: Uncle Dave! Yes, Uncle! Dave Ramsey is that Uncle that you think about when you are about to make that purchase you know you will regret! The Dave Ramsey show has been on for a long time and he is known to be very stern when it comes to his advice on finances especially credit card debt. I enjoy the radio show style where people call in to share their debt free stories or ask Dave questions around life and money dilemmas they have. He does not mince his words and takes its really personal when people call in with situations they could have avoided. Goes to say his advice is around common sense knowledge which sometimes we need someone else to point out to us. The Dave Ramsey Way is a 7 step approach he refers to as the baby steps he created to help people get out of debt, be more financial astute and take control of their money. He also founded the financial peace institution where one can get more information to either become a trainer or just for your own knowledge
  5. Redefining wealth by Patrice Washington: Patrice’s approach to financial wellness is slightly different in that she is not the traditional financial educator that shows you how to budget etc. Redefining wealth community believes that wealth is about more than money or material possessions but about well-being, which is summarized in 6 pillars, Fit, People, Space, Faith, Work and Money in that order. Weekly, she shares solo insights or guest interviews that help people make more informed decisions around life and any of the pillars above. A huge reason I love this podcast is that fact that she seeks to tackle the mind and all the things that we will nor ordinary think affect our financial decisions and plans. Her interviewing style is also very relaxed allowing her guests to really shine through and share their stories and insights. If you don’t listen to any of the above suggestions, I will employ you to listen to Patrice and you will be converted.

A bonus shout will be the Smart Money Tribe podcast run by Arese Ugwu, financial educator, author and Nigerian filmmaker. I was so excited to come across this podcast this week and so far, I am loving the content and interviews. I really admire what she is doing especially in regions where money conversation is considered taboo topic and looked upon with disdain and I hope her platform will help change the narrative around wealth creation and debt.

This is not an exhaustive list but a cross-section of money related podcasts I love and I am keen to understand what finance related podcasts you have been listening to.


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